Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1 nite

baby what u doin 2nite/can i come over n show u sum freaky thangs 2nite/baby let me kno ckuz im hot n ready/i wanna make yo body sweat an leave u drippen wet/all ova da covers/dayumm girl if i didnt no i would say u was ready/so go n take ya cloths off/i kno u been waitin ckuz it was that monthly week n now dat its ova/wecould do wut it do/so stop playin wit a nigga n get real/we on dat grown status n trust ima do u rite.................

Saturday, August 8, 2009

mind sex (poem)

Close ur eyes n relax ur mind picture urself lyn in ur bed 4rm a hard daii of wrk & u feel urself getting the best massage of ur life then u start 2 moan becuase u feel some one kissin u dwn ur spin u turn over & u feel hands caressin ur body in slow motion, it feels so good that ur clit is sparkin up & u wanna bust a nut. A tounge starts to lick u 4rm ur ear 2 ur neck 2 ur lips 4rm ur lips on dwn just teasin ur body n makin u wanna bust a major orgasim the girl stops n u moan no dont stop so the girl opens ur legs & gently holds ur foot & sucks on each toe softly , the girl then kisses ur foot to ur legs 4rm ur legs 2 ur inner thighs & 4rm ur inner thighs 2 ur special place. She kisses u with slow mation kisses, she sticks out her tounge & starts licking ur clit up n dwn & twirling it in circles, she stops an starts gently blowing on ur clit in the same motion it feels so good 2 u ur back starts 2 arche.
She sucks on ur clit like a strght fem sucks on a dick, she then puts 1 finger inside u & u feel a rush cuming dwn ur clit she then puts 2 fingers inside u & u bust a nut u feel so good inside u just wanna fuck , the girl then puts 3 fingers inside u & ur pulling her hand to make it go deep inside u ur clit is supa wet & ur ready 2 bust another nut. She then teases u with 4 fingers u let out a moan so loud u sound like ur being fucked. She stops & ur just lyn there butt naked on the bed & u feel som10 pushing against ur clit, u get so hyped that u juat want 2 put it inside u , she puts it in half way & pulls it out twrils it around n circles again & puts it back in & u put ur legs around her, she picks ur legs up & puts them on her shoulders, she then picks u up sits dwn & u hump her back & forth , back & forth , back & forth.
U get up & get on top of her backwardz n start 2 grind & she grinds back , u get on ur knees & she starts 2 hit it 4rm the back & u start 2 moan n a sexxii voice daddii daddii daddii dont stop fuck me hard so she starts going faster faster n faster then u bust 3 nuts at 1 time ur bodys still then she lays u in bed & kisses u good nite
Tell me wut u think about it aight ima start postin blogs up about different poems n stuff so if u like this one u gone like my utha poems aight halla

late nite special

girl this ain't no late night special /naw it's just a night were i want you and you want me/...don't even gotta cuddle we do it my way or no other /have you all up in my bed screamin like a mother fucka /doin what i do best n you comin 4 seconds now here goes yo first lesson /all you gotta do is just drop them draws takes off that braw /get it how you like we could switch it up try new thangs while we at it /up under the sheets makin love and when i'm done i have you fallen asleep on top of me /i gave you the pleasure now girl ain't it pleasent just wanna make you sweat loss yo breath /now all you gotta do is call me on wit a late nite special........

im not done wit this but here it is so far

my world (check it out) one of my songs

when i wake up in the mornin you rush through my mind i'm thinken about you all the time you make me wanna lose my breathe when i take a step out side ckuz it feels like i'm losen the war with ya
you should be right by my side like bonnie & clide taken over the world and bring peace for when ever you feel down i'll bring you a smile you don't have to worry ckuz i'm ya 1 gurl
i can't wait to get next to you
i wanna get into to you
ooh baby
i can't wait to get next to you
i wanna get into to youuu
ooooh babyyyy
verse 2
i need you here by my side for better or worse & if i go to jail no matter how you feel just know that i love you & wont leave you alone out in the cold ckuz baby if i owned the world i'd give it up to you so i want you to know
i can't wait to get next to you
i wanna get into to you
ooh baby
take a breather listen up to how i feel every time i look in your eyes it gives me the strenght to keep pushen i love it when you ride me to the next point in life it shows me that you really love me & wanna be wit me
so i'm sorry for all the things that i caused making you cry tellen a whole bunch of lies i didn't want you to go through but it happened & your still right here i'm glad the one above made you for me we are destined to be husband & wife 4 life
can't you see that i really wanna be with you i wanna spend my whole life with you so no matter how you feel just don't let me go because
i can't wait to get next to you (baby)
(don't let me go)
i wanna get into you
ooooh babyyyy
don't let me gooooooooo