Saturday, August 8, 2009

late nite special

girl this ain't no late night special /naw it's just a night were i want you and you want me/...don't even gotta cuddle we do it my way or no other /have you all up in my bed screamin like a mother fucka /doin what i do best n you comin 4 seconds now here goes yo first lesson /all you gotta do is just drop them draws takes off that braw /get it how you like we could switch it up try new thangs while we at it /up under the sheets makin love and when i'm done i have you fallen asleep on top of me /i gave you the pleasure now girl ain't it pleasent just wanna make you sweat loss yo breath /now all you gotta do is call me on wit a late nite special........

im not done wit this but here it is so far

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